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Low Bar for B.Tech exams

The Hindu ,in its Education Plus issue on Monday,June 11 has mentioned some of the factors that are responsible for the  poor percentage of pass in B.Tech exams. According to the report, as  students who score very low marks in Maths are being selected in the rank list for engineering admission, it is no wonder that few are capable of completing the course. As sectional marks and moderation marks are given very lavishly ,a student who gets very low marks in Maths may find a place in the rank list as he is capable of reaching the minimum 50%."About 80 % of the higher secondary students in the Maths group get 180 or more out of 200 in continuous evaluation and for the practical examinations.Out of the 120 in the written examinations, about 30 marks are obtained in the process of moderation.Actually a student who gets 90 out of 400(22.5 per cent, without moderation) for the theory papers taken together is eligible to appear for the entrance examination.
For an engineering degree course, a student has to appear for 45 theory papers and 10 laboratory examinations.
In the past if a student  fails in all nine papers after the first year, he has to join some course other than engineering.


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