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Reflections on Higher Education

The following are the reflections of Prof.K.T.Sebastian on Catholic Higher Education. Prof.K.T.Sebastian is one of the leading Catholic theologians of India and has spent much of his time and  energy to highlight the role of the laity in the Church.His contribution to the Church of India and to the Catholic Church of Kerala in particular is beyond parallel. A.GENERAL 1. Christian Education- (Higher and General) is part of the pastoral ministry of the church. It is campus ministry – part of youth ministry. ‘Signs of the time’ indicate its relevance. 2. Christian education is the continuation of the prophetic mission of Christ; of the Church; Hence its importance in the pastoral planning at the local and eparchial levels, and also at the level of the Syro Malabar Church itself. 3. The teachings of the Church before and after Vatican II and  The Declaration of the Council itself on Christian Education (GE) highlight Christ’s presence on the Campus. 4. The identity of the Christian College need…