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Conclusions of the Educational Seminar at Mount St.Thomas

Summary of the Discussions and Suggestions at the Educational Conference. The following are the committees that were formed at the Conference: 1. Probity in Administration and Minority Rights. Chairman: Justice Cyriac Joseph 2. Career Guidance in colleges. Chairman: Mr. Abraham Kurien I.P.S. 3. Religious and Ethical Values. Chairman: Dr. Ruble Raj 4. Starting of a Private Catholic University. Chairpersons:Rev. Dr. George Madathiparampil and Rev.DrAntony.Kariyil CMI. 5. Partnership with Foreign Universities. Chairpersons: Rev. Dr. George Madathiparampil and Dr.Beena Manoj. 6. On line Courses and Autonomous Colleges. Chairman: Dr. Babu Joseph Suggestions that were made at the meetings of the above-mentioned committees: 1.Create a Syro-Malabar Commission for Education in order to strengthen the commitment of the Church, to inspire our colleges for leadership and innovations and to update and preserve the Catholic Campus culture. 2.Hold an annual conference of principals, managers and Catholic educ…