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Minutes of the Meeting of the Managers

                      Minutes of the meeting of the Managers and Diocesan Directors of Education

The meeting of the Mangers and Diocesan Directors of Education was held on Feb.4, 13 and it  was attended by 52 participants .The  following  topics were  discussed at the meeting:
1.       Formation of an association  of Catholic teachers at the college level,
2.       Formation of CSM/AICUF units,
3.        Formation of an advisory board  for higher education,
4.       Orientation courses  for teachers for Career guidance,
5.       Steps for improving academic standards,
6.       Demand for Autonomy for Colleges
7.       The introduction of Religious and Moral Instruction in colleges.

The message of the Cardinal, welcoming the participants and highlighting the importance of the gathering was read by Prof. Ruble Raj.
The meeting was formally inaugurated by Mar Bosco Puthur, the Chairman of the Committee for Higher Education. After the formal inauguration by Mar Bosco Puthur and welcome speech by Fr. George Madathiparampil, the different topics mentioned above were taken discussion.
 With regard to forming an association of teachers, it was pointed that this was meant not as a rival for the existing associations for teachers but as a venue for deepening the faith and the understanding of the Catholic doctrines. Wherever  associations of similar nature exist , they should be encouraged to deepen their commitment and where nothing is existing, it would be advisable to have an association for similar purposes. In that way, there will be always a core group in every college deeply committed to a greater understanding of the faith.
Some of the participants pointed out the danger of such an association becoming a rival to the existing associations. Msgr. Kollamparampil, Fr. Palakapalil, Fr. Vincent Nedungatt, Msgr. Thottiyil, and Fr. Alumkal stressed the need for such an association while Dr. Aniyankunju expressed some reservations about the starting of a new association.
The following were nominated to study the matter and prepare a write-up :
1.        Fr. Vincent Nedungatt,2.Fr.Alencherry,3.Dr.Aniyanbkunju,4.Sr.Vimal Jose C.M.C and 5.Sr.Tesslyn M.S.J.
With regard to the working of the Campus Ministry in Catholic colleges, it was pointed out that many colleges do have very good programs.  But, the participants hoped that these could be strengthened and where no units are working , initiatives should be taken to start either the CSM or AICUF units.
Rev. Dr. Pichalakat  and Sr. Alice CMC  were entrusted with the task of preparing a position paper on Catholic leadership programs for students.
It was suggested that it would be a good idea to start orientation programs for new teachers in our colleges. It was also mentioned that training the teachers to start career guidance courses would be very beneficial in helping the students to make proper choices.
One of the important matters that many participants wanted to bring to the notice of the gathering was the need for starting counseling programs for the students. According to many, the presence of a Counselor is a must in our campuses.


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