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Meeting of the New Lecturers

Meeting of the  New College Teachers

  The meeting was well attended .More than 120 newly appointed lecturers came for the meeting. All of them were given copies of the YOUCAT because of the generosity of Vince Marin of Chicago.

D.A.V. George, the VC of MG University inaugurated the Conference.Prof.Ruble Raj,Dr.Beena Manoj and Dr.Kuruvilla Joseph addressed the gathering.The intention of the meeting was to give them an orientation in their new role as Catholic teachers and enable them to integrate their  Catholic faith with their teaching career. 

The invitation letter and the Programme of the meeting are given below.

Dear Rev .Father/ Sister/Sir:


It was suggested at the previous meetings of Principals and Mangers that it would be highly beneficial to hold an orientation course for the newly appointed teachers in our colleges in order to make them more deeply aware of their Catholic heritage and of the role of the Church in education. Hence, it is proposed to hold a one day Educational   Conference for the newly appointed teachers on May 9th at 10a.m. at Mount St. Thomas. Please be kind enough to send at least five teachers who were appointed in the last couple of years for the Conference.


A reply card is attached herewith for the names to be sent to me or to the Curia at Mount St. Thomas before April 15, 2013.


A copy of the programme is also attached herewith.


Please be kind enough to make this meeting a success by your active intervention so that our first attempt in this area may turn out to be fruitful.

With regards,

Rev. George Madathiparampil

Higher Education, Mount St. Thomas


Educational Conference

9.30a.m-3 P.M., May 9,13

Mount St. Thomas


The Role of Faith in the Teaching Profession




9.30a.m.                    Registration and  Coffee


9.50 a.m.                   Prayer Song


9.55-10 a.m.            Welcome Speech: Rev.Fr. George Madathiparampil


10. a. m.                    Inauguration: H.B. Cardinal Mar George Alencherry


10.15 a.m.                            Presidential   Address:  H.E. Mar Bosco  Puthur


10.45-11.15a.m.     Inaugural Address: Dr. A.V. George, Vice-Chancellor,

M.G. University


11.15am-11.45am Dr. Ruble Raj: “My Faith and My Profession”


11.45-12-15 a.m.   Dr. Beena  Manoj: “Faith in My Life “


12.15-12.45p.m.    Dr. K. M. Francis: “ Faith and  Teaching Profession.”


12.45 – 1 pm                        Self-Introduction


1-2p.m.                      Lunch


2-2.20p.m.               Dr. Kuruvilla Joseph “ Values and the Teaching Profession.”   Discussion, Questions and Clarifications, Plans for the Future


3.20p.m.                   Vote of Thanks

                                    Coffee andDeparture


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