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Meeting of the principals and Managers

Report of the meeting of the Principals and Managers held at Mount St. Thomas on June 24th, 14.

The Major Archbishop Cardinal Mar George Alencherry  inaugurated the Conference.
 Dr. Cyriac Thomas gave the key-note address.
Fr.Tomy Padinjareveettil, Fr.Vincent Nedungatt,Dr.Chackochan Njavallil and Fr. George Madathiparampil spoke at the meeting.
Fr. George Madathiparampil welcomed the gathering.
49 Principals and Managers were present.
Inaugurating the Conference, the Cardinal, while explaining the notion of sustainable development in the protection of the environment, urged the participants to apply the same theory of development in the matter of Christian  education by keeping the identity of Christian education while working for academic excellence. Sustainable Christian Higher education should preserve Christian values and not to dilute them. Our institutions should be concerned about the integrity of our faith and of our society especially at a time when our people are becoming highly susceptible to forces of consumerism and secularism which negate spiritual values.
The Cardinal also referred to the changes that happened at the National level, particularly to the emphasis on Nationalism by the ruling party at the Centre. He maintained that Nationalism should be broad enough to include people of all religions and traditions while retaining one’s love of the country.
Dr. Cyriac Thomas drew the attention of the participants to maintaining the credibility of our institutions of which they are in charge. The leaders of our institutions in the past were respected all over the State because of their integrity and vision. Our institutions should be catalysts in forming leaders who know the present  and  have the ability to see far into the future to shape the present. Christian institutions should see to it that quality should not be lost in the selection of teachers. Referring to the “ Pope Francis effect “, he bemoaned the lack of any impact on our society by the words and actions of the Holy Father.
Fr.Tomy Padinjareveettil explained the preparations for autonomy done by S.B. college and offered to clarify the doubts of many with regard to the implications of autonomy. Fr. Vincent Nedungatt stressed the need for introducing new courses which offer innumerable opportunities for career development of the students. Dr.Chackochan Njavallil briefed the audience about the discussions that took place at the meeting of the directors of the Campus Ministry. He told them about the publication of a book of guidelines, the need to start an e-news letter  and a bimonthly journal  , the starting of competitions to involve more students in Catholic initiatives apart from intensifying their participation in attendance at Eucharistic services, prayer meetings , volunteering for helping the poor and conducting more seminars on religious topics. He also stressed the need to continue classes in Religion and Morals.
It is to be noted that 12 colleges have signed up supporting the venture of the Directors of the Campus ministry to start publishing a bi-monthly in Malayalam exclusively for the Catholic students of our colleges by offering financial support of Rs. 5000 annually.
During the discussions, the Major Archbishop intervened to point out the following facts.
1. Some members of our community are against us because Catholic students are denied admission in our schools and colleges.
2. Some of the institutions run by the religious congregations and parishes are pursuing a very independent line without caring for the needs of the Catholic community.
3. Time to think of starting more colleges to meet the needs of the community.
4.Self-Financing schools are sometimes seen going ahead with a policy that is very detrimental to the Catholic community.
4.KCBC should be informed about the grievances and complaints that  the managements feel in the running of the institutions in order  to bring it to the attention of the Govt.
A committee was formed consisting of the following persons to discuss the anomaly in appointments to the teaching and  to the non-teaching staff of the college.
Dr.Joy(Bharata Matha college),Fr.C handy Punnakkatt(Mananthavady college),Fr. Francis Alappat, VG of Kothamangalam,Fr. Tomy  Padinajareveettil, Fr. Vincent Nedungatt,Sr.Rose Bastian(Vice-Principal,Irinjalakuda),Fr.Varghese Kalaparampil, and Fr.Jose Theken,Irinjalakuda.
The Committee made the following suggestions to be brought to the attention of the Govt. on behalf of KCBC
1. The freedom to appoint at least 50 % of the Ministerial staff who have higher qualifications than SSSLC.
2. Permission to start new courses in the aided stream
3. Permission to appoint teachers in the courses sanctioned in the aided stream.
4. Appointment of Non-teaching staff for the new courses that were sanctioned.
5. Existing staff pattern should be followed in these appointments.
Dr. Chackochan  Njavallil expressed the vote of thanks .
The meeting concluded with a prayer by the Major Archbishop.


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