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Report of the Meeting of the Principals and Managers on June4,15

Report of the meeting of the Principals and Managers held at Mt. St.  Thomas on June 4th ,2015

A meeting of the Principals, Managers and Provincial Superiors was held on June 4th, 15 at Mt. St. Thomas. The meeting was attended by more than 60 delegates and most of the aided and self-financing colleges were represented at the meeting. The major Archbishop Cardinal Mar George Alencherry in his inaugural address mentioned that the role of the Church in the field of Higher Education was very vital. He stressed that efforts should be made to transmit moral values along with our attempt to improve academic standards. He also mentioned that it is vital on our part to maintain transparency in admissions and appointments. He added that a society without a basis in moral values will be barren and would be incapable of producing good leaders for the country.
Archbishop Emeritus, Mar Joseph Powathil in his presidential address pointed out the need to be watchful for the preservation of Minority rights guaranteed in the Constitution. These constitutional guarantees are meant for the preservation of equality between the Majority and Minority communities. Citing various decisions of the Supreme Court, he made the participants aware of the need to preserve and protect the guarantees provided in the Constitution of India. He also mentioned the increase of State Control over Education and of the pervading of a spirit of communalism in the society. He reminded the audience that the Minority Rights as interpreted by the various decisions of the Supreme court offer the Minorities the right to offer secular education in a religious atmosphere.
Prof.J.Philip, the Director of XIME Business Schools, pointed out  that in the academic ranking of colleges in India, Catholic colleges of Kerala are  lagging way behind and hence a more passionate and aggressive desire should be shown by the Catholic colleges towards achieving academic excellence. Many non-Christian institutions offer better courses and academic standards. Hence, he urged the colleges to adopt new strategies to maintain excellence in the realm of Higher Education. He suggested 7s for the improvement of academic standards: Strategy, Structure, System, Style, Skills, Staff and Shared values.
Mr. James Joseph briefed the participants about the new venture that he is involved in  which consists in marketing jackfruit for different uses as a food product.
Fr. George Madathiparampil welcomed the gathering  and Dr.Chackochan Njavallil proposed the vote of thanks.
Two committees were formed for more consultation on the improvements of academic standards and for the imparting of moral values:
The Committee for Value Education: Rev. Dr. Vincent Nedungatt, Fr.Mangalath and Sr. Alice.
The Committee for
Academic Excellence: Dr. Joselet, Dr.Kattady, Rev. Dr. Antony  Kariyil and Sr. Geo Maria.


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